Wheyhouse provides a natural approach to traditional supplement formulas, using organic & fair trade ingredients and taking an environmentally responsible & considerate stance where possible. Emphasising quality and performance (rather than bidding on market hype) we provide products that are better aligned to your health & active lifestyle choices. Your purchase supports our vision to create a business paradigm that maximises nutritional inputs while minimising detrimental outputs on human welfare and the environment.


Honest New Zealand Protein

We are pleased to use only straight grade New Zealand whey protein powders in our products. Whey sourced from hormone and chemical free cows that graze on lush green pastures then processed in world leading facilities ensuring premium quality standards are upheld. The result is the cleanest whey protein powder available in the world.

Environmentally Conscious Packaging

Everything we do is environmentally conscious. Something truly unique is the use of a fully compostable outer shell on our flavoured product line. Made from pulp cardboard and producing much less of an environmental footprint than traditional plastic tubs and foil bags this is definitely a first for a whey protein product in Australasia. Our range extends to use paper kraft bags and boxes made from recycled cardboard.

Clean Organic Flavour

We strictly use real organic fruits and beans to flavour our protein powders. Not to be mistaken with natural flavours that often contain equally as much artificial compounds as conventional flavours contain. Our flavours are farmed using sustainable ancestral techniques that enhance soil fertility and environmental quality without harmful chemical fertilisers and pesticides.


As part of our pledge to total social and ecologic responsibility Wheyhouse is committed to giving back.


The very platform that allows us to produce the fantastic products that we do. We make a $1 standard contribution from each retail canister sold to go back towards the management and improvement of dairy farming operations within New Zealand.


For us, this is the epitome of business. Being able to add direct value to the sustained improvement of the quality of people’s lives. We are involved in society’s movement towards health and we support social events that encourage physical activity.